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LIFE Exhibition


 - Warmth I Remember - 

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World Heritage

20th anniversary

Commemorative event

Connecting to the source of life

Experience a sense of transcendence
and connection with all things

Art and Enlightenment

In the 1960s, the world captured by intrauterine photography transcended the realm of mystery, into the realm of "cosmic consciousness" beyond the concept of gods and buddhas.

It has become an art form through the combination of live-action photography and the power of words with sound, image and extraordinary space.

Through these mediums we connect to the depths of our subconscious.

We not only see things with our eyes, but also “feel” them with our hearts, recognizing and experiencing them by honing our five senses.

We hope that you will experience the feeling of being “connected” with everything.

Masahiko and Sayaka Hashimoto



Koyasan Kongobuji BETSUDEN

Kongobuji temple entrance fee required.

Friday, August 23, 2024 - Monday, September 23, 2024

*No application is required.


Towards the holding of the 2nd Koyasan Special Exhibition

This year marks the second time the event has been held at Mount Koya.
Last year, we held our first ever "Life Exhibition" in the special VIP room "Okudono" of Kongobuji Temple in Mount Koya as a special commemorative project for the 1,250th anniversary of the birth of Kobo Daishi Kukai of Mount Koya.

This was the first attempt to express "life" through an exhibition, and many visitors, from both Japan and abroad, including those associated with Mount Koya, were moved to tears. Some even said, "This is truly the world of Kukai. It truly expresses the world of esoteric Buddhism that Kobo Daishi taught."

Thanks to you, so many people viewed the exhibition, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude.

Mount Koya is a sacred place founded by Japan's most famous monk, Kobo Daishi Kukai.
The world is now paying attention to "KUKAI".
Perhaps this is because, in these chaotic times, he was a great man who created a highly advanced social system over 1,200 years ago.

This year has started in an unexpectedly harsh way. We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to all those affected by the disaster. While praying for a speedy recovery, we would like to allow as many people as possible to view the festival this year, so we have decided to hold the festival in the Annex, a room overlooking the Banryu Garden in Kongobu-ji Temple.

The Banryu Garden features two dragons.
These two dragons represent the Womb Realm and the Diamond Realm.

The dragon represents the truth and energy of the natural world and the universe, and at the same time, it also exists within us.

When both powers reach their peak, that is the moment when our "life" is born into this world.
Each and every one of us is a precious being born into this world shining with our own radiance.

"The brilliance of life" is a sacred world of gods and Buddhas that transcends mystery.
We would like you to experience the world of this sacred area, which is depicted entirely through authentic photographs.



Past venues

The 1250th anniversary of the birth of Kobo Daishi Kukai was held at the Koyasan Kongobuji Okuden (Inner Shrine), a World Heritage Site.

<Usually Closed, Special Opening>

※ Okuden: A special space that is usually not open to the public, with Japan's largest rock garden surrounding Banryutei. 

A work commemorating the 1250th anniversary of the founder of the sect, Kobo Daishi Kukai

Masahiko Hashimoto and Sayaka Hashimoto "HOW WONDERFUL LIFE IS"

Housed in Kongobu-ji Temple, the head temple of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism
"HOW WONDERFUL LIFE IS" - Thoughts behind the work

The photograph in this work, in which a fetus appears to be floating in space, is a "real" photograph taken inside the womb in the 1960s.

The star-like things you see in the background are not CG but live action.

Inside my stomach, a world just like the universe was spreading out before me.

It is said that the universe, the source of all life, began with "Yuragi = A".

Our ancestors understood the existence of something greater, even though they did not have photographs of space at the time.

This great being, the universe, is called "Mahavairocana" and is expressed in one character as "a."

Behind this character "A" lies the great universe, the Womb World, which is the source of life and a world in which everything is accepted.

That is why they have been carefully passed down as "sacred characters that contain great power."

The process of life being created inside the womb over time was like the birth of stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

A "microcosm" was truly expanding inside the womb.

The uterus is the only organ that can accept other people's cells without rejecting them.

The world of generous love that accepts everything represents the Womb World.

The origin of everything, the great universe ``A'', and the ``microcosm'' within the womb continued to resonate with each other.

To be born means separation from this world of reception.

We frantically repeat all sorts of actions in an attempt to escape loneliness and anxiety.

Souls that have forgotten who they are are struggling to regain their connection with the universe.

That your life is here.

"I am the very essence of love, created through resonance between the vast universe and the microcosm of a mother's womb.

It is a precious thing that we have longed for and finally obtained, transcending time. I hope people will never forget that." This work was created with that wish in mind.

橋本昌彦 / Masahiko Hashimoto


Dedication Ceremony

2023.6.14 Aoba Festival

We donated "HOW WODERFUL LIFE IS" to Kongobu-ji Temple, the head temple of the Koyasan Shingon sect, to commemorate the 1250th anniversary of the birth of Kobo Daishi Kukai.

Right: Mr. Kunihiko Yabu, Director of the Koyasan Administration Office and Secretary General of the Kobo Daishi Birth Ceremony Left: Director Masahiko Hashimoto and Sayaka Hashimoto

Approximately 700 people attended the event, and the dedication ceremony was held after a special screening of LIFE.


Displayed at the "New Annex" of Kongobu-ji Temple, Koyasan

Currently, it is on display to the left of the huge mandala painting in the Kongobu-ji Temple New Annex, where works by many great artists are on display. Please stop by when you visit Mount Koya.

Koyasan Official Website

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You can purchase works from the exhibition here


Inquiries about the Life Exhibition

For inquiries regarding the exhibition and media, please click here

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