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Co-creation Program
The LIFE Sacred Land Pilgrimage Projects.
Pilgrimage of LIFE
Japanese Heritage, Shrines, Temples, Nature, Historic Sites, Ancient Tombs
In Japan's sacred places, we re-discover the wonder of life.

The Japanese have long embraced the spirit of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). This spirit is rooted in the values ​​of "respecting all things and nature" represented by the concept of "Shinra Bansho".

Throughout history, the Japanese have followed nature, recognizing that nature sustains them. This perspective goes beyond the visible biological aspects of life and recognizes the invisible interconnectedness of all living things as part of a larger life force.

This concept emphasizes the importance of seeing life as a collective whole in which all life is interconnected, rather than just as individual entities. It has influenced many aspects of life including clothing, food, housing, art, culture, architecture and heritage.

Japan, one of the oldest countries in the world, has embraced this wisdom. The Japanese spirituality and wisdom is expressed in their reverence for nature, shrines, temples, historical sites and traditional culture. By cherishing the local spirit and values ​​rooted in them, we can rediscover the concept of "life" and its meaning, which is our foundation.

Through our five senses, we can rediscover the basic concepts of life that the Japanese have nurtured over a long period of time and their deep meanings. 

Art of Life Relay Project

The Sacred Sites of Life Relay connects us to the very core of our existence.

Similar to the Torch Relay, this project seeks to ignite the vital energy that lies at the foundation of our life force and promote the development of local communities. This will be achieved by organizing a series of events at sacred sites of Japanese culture across the country.

  1. Elevating the quality of life

  2. Reviving regional pride

  3. Fostering regional development through art and tourism

特別協力 出雲大社  


A Special Show at the World Heritage Site Kongobuji Temple

Koyasan Shingon sect to commemorate the 1,250th anniversary of Kukai's birth.

​2023.4.15  18:30~20:00

Special Show at Oyunohara Kumanohonguu Taisya

World Heritage Kumanohonguu Taisya


​2022.9.25  18:00~19:00

A special screening will take place on Awaji Island at the Izanagi Shrine Dedication, Japan's oldest shrine

​Izangi Jinguu

A special screening will be dedicated to Shimane's Izumo Taisha shrine

Izumo Taisha


Special Show at The Takeda Castle in Hyogo Prefecture, also known as the "Castle in the Sky,"

offered a stunning view of cherry blossoms illuminated at night.

Japanese Heritage Site: Engyoji Temple on Mt. Shosha, Hyogo Prefecture Autumn Foliage Festival

Shoshayama Engyoji Temple


We kindly request your support for
the Holy Land Pilgrimage project.

The experience we had through the Relay of Sacred Sites of Life was truly indescribable. Going forward, we will work together with local tourism to continue this project, while uncovering the magnificence of Japan's sacred sites.

The goal of this project is to establish a deep sense of harmony between life and regional development, by fostering connections with one another at the very core of our existence.

The project of rediscovering the true essence of life through visits to sacred sites is a collaborative endeavor that we hope everyone can participate in.


Whether it's through providing support in setting up, staffing, sound, or contributing financially, we welcome any form of support you can offer.

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