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Inspired by Life.

Birthday planetarium

"Life = Inochi Day" once a month at the planetarium.​




LIFE®︎Inochi × Ouitote KOBE × Bandō Kobe Youth Science Museum

4.9 ​5.14
6.11 7.9

on Second Sunday 13:30~

LIFE®︎Inochi × Asia Women Leaders Forum × Galaxy City
​from 2023.4

Show Date
on Third Sunday 14:30〜



Remember the special time,

the emotional moment of the birth of life. 

"Thank you for giving birth to me..."
"Thank you for being born in this world..."

There are few things that can be conveyed like overflowing emotions and heartfelt words.

How much joy will this word bring to others?
A place where you can rediscover important things that you have forgotten in your daily life.
A place within ourselves where we can return to love.  

Long-term SDG commitments that empower the lives of entire communities.

The “Birth Planetarium” uses a local planetarium as a regional resource to revive the excitement of birth. This is a project where governments, businesses and citizens come together to 'empower and illuminate the forces of life' across the city.

To achieve this, short-term testing alone cannot reach the people who need it. Through regular performances held once a month, the circle of kindness and compassion spreads from person to person, as people want to convey to someone who has seen the performance. In the days when the future is uncertain due to the new coronavirus infection, anxiety is increasing, school refusal, depression, and even some people are dying, and the life energy of individuals is declining.

It is precisely at times like these that we affirm the value of our own lives, create hope and courage, and bring families, communities, and society together to build a new era.

What can we do now to solve social problems? 
スクリーンショット 2022-06-26 12.15.39.png
The number one cause of death among young people is "suicide", but this is only in Japan among developed countries.
Suicide is the leading cause of death among young people aged 10 to 30 and older.
スクリーンショット 2022-06-26 12.15.30.png
Compared to young people in other countries, they find it difficult to have bright hopes for their future.
Whether they have bright hopes for the future depends on two factors:
1) Do they see themselves positively (internal factors), and 2) Do they see their country's future positively (external factors).
スクリーンショット 2022-06-26 12.15.34.png
According to information released by the Cabinet Office, it is necessary to cultivate basic "self-acceptance" that plays an important role in people's lives across three generations. 

As a monthly planetarium “LIFE” day

Let's utilize the power of the regional planetarium, which is a valuable regional resource, as an initiative to power up the "power of life." Let us pass this experience on to our loved ones and future generations from the bottom of our hearts.


In the Expo Co-Creation Challenge everyone's contribution corner, we will introduce the birthday planetarium initiative.

LIFE ウイトート.jpg
LIFEポスター2022 バンドー神戸青少年科学館 裏.jpg
To everyone who cooperated in the co-creation project "Birthday Planetarium",
Bando Kobe Youth Science Museum
Galactic City Children's Future Creation Center
Noah Indoor Stage Co., Ltd. (ongoing from 2020)

Tempura Cuisine Kaho

Ange Home Co., Ltd.
Playjob Co., Ltd.
Mugen cram school
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