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A 100-year-lasting art project
of love and life 

It is registered in the "TEAM EXPO 2025" program of the 2025 Japan World Exposition. It is a collaborative challenge aimed at creating a sustainable future.

Overwhelming impression of the day revives after time,
Continue the chain of love and life through art. 


Connecting Hearts with Arts

Crossing generations and borders, connecting at the root of life. 

The pandemic of the new coronavirus infection has triggered a reconsideration of the concepts of "life" and "way of life" around the world. We are now thinking about what is truly important and how we should interact with the community and society.

We believe that the inner growth (existence) of individuals is important to solve the social issues of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and maintain a peaceful world. Currently, there is a growing movement called IDGs (Internal Development Goals), which emphasizes the importance of internal growth in achieving the SDGs.

EXPO 2025 OSAKA, KANSAI is about life. It represents a wonderful opportunity for families, communities and society as a whole to think seriously about life and how to live, and put those ideas into action. In line with this vision, we have registered the "100-Year Love and Life Art Project" as part of the Japan World Exposition TEAM EXPO 2025 program and are actively participating in its activities.

Through a wide range of projects, we aim to provide opportunities for individuals to think deeply about their own lives and ways of living by experiencing the wonders of life through art. At the same time, we want to increase self-esteem and promote diversity in three-generation families.

We will carry out social contribution activities centered on human development and community development through art.  


Our Vision

For every person to live freely in their own way

10 years from now, 100 years from now Aiming to realize Well-Being of life

To achieve the well-being of life, where every individual can

live freely and authentically, both physically and mentally,

in the next 10 years and even 100 years later.

*Well-being refers to a state in which a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction is obtained in all aspects of physical, mental, and social well-being. 

downtown of japan.jpg

The “LIFE®︎ Inochi” project is registered as a co-creation challenge support project of the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, a co-creation partner of Team EXPO2025. 

The "LIFE®︎ World Project Team" has been introduced as part of the Expo promotion video to BIE member countries by the Government of Japan for the Japan World Expo.


weShare your thoughts and realize them together
We are looking for co-creation partners from governments, companies, organizations, and individuals​.

Born as a planetarium program, “LIFE®︎ Re-experiencing the Birth of Life” has evolved into an art program of love and life that has been passed down for over 100 years.

In order to nurture the core consciousness that will create a wonderful future, we aim to create spaces around the world where people can connect with the essence of "love" and "life" that lie at the root of us.

Our commitment goes beyond providing an audiovisual experience. We would like to continuously create opportunities for people across generations and borders to connect at the core of their lives.

We will work with government agencies, universities, companies, organizations, and individuals to send messages from Japan to the world. Therefore, we are looking for co-creation partners to support these efforts. We welcome communities, government agencies, schools, businesses, organizations and individuals who are willing to work together as co-creative partners to reach out and work together towards a common goal. 

Examples of Co-Creation Programs:

​Birthday planetarium

Ongoing efforts to utilize
local planetarium resources


Project Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites

"Rediscover the beauty of life"
Deepen your understanding of life through experiences at ruins where the heritage of life has been passed down for generations.


SDGS「Education of LIFE」

A program that promotes self-esteem and self-acceptance, which are the foundations of our existence.

Efforts for the Future of the Earth

A project that collaborates with universities, government agencies, accredited NGOs and companies to promote actions to cherish Mother Earth. 

スーパーキッズ LIFE.jpg

Efforts for the Future of the Earth

A project that collaborates with universities, government agencies, accredited NGOs and companies to promote actions to cherish Mother Earth. 




Activity Support Sponsorship


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