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Let every LIFE shine 

RE-EXPERIENCE BIRTH with this planetarium program


This program fully utilizes the benefits of the planetarium dome to not only see but to experience the miracle of the universe and our lives.

​Navigated by 
Masahiko Hashimoto


Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites - Special Project

Commemoration of the 1250th Anniversary of the Birth of the Founder of Shingon Buddhism, Kukai

World Heritage Site - Koyasan Shingon Buddhism Kongobuji Temple


Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites - Special Project

World Heritage Site - Kumano Hongu Taisha

It has been decided to screen it at the world's largest planetarium international conference. It was selected as one of the 20 works from numerous works gathered from all over the world.
Selected as a screening work at the largest fulldome festival in Europe.
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The "LIFE®︎i-nochi" project has been registered as a "co-creation challenge that we support" by the Osaka Tourism Bureau, a co-creation partner of Team Expo 2025.

Model school for the national project "Life Safety Education Promotion Project" at Sono High School, Japan. LIFE screening and lecture by Masahiko Hashimoto.

The activity of LIFE will be introduced in the promotional video for the Expo to BIE member countries from the Japanese government at the Japan International Exposition.

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LIFE LINE will provide you with information about our activities.

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Our life, born from the universe.

Following its trajectory,

we will be healed by tears of

unprecedented emotion.


Re-experience birth. 

Why? What does it mean to

“re-experience birth” at planetarium?

The space of the planetarium

theatre gives sense of comfort.

That is because we all have felt it before

and is engraved deeply in our memories.


The warmth and sense of security

That takes us back to

when we were in our mother’s womb.

The theatre’s 360 degrees screen completely envelopes you

in the film creating the perfect space to recreate the warmth

and sense of security we felt in our mother’s womb. ​


In this program,

we travel from the birth of the universe,

to the birth of our lives to acknowledge we are all part of

the same universe.


Experience the mystery of life

The live-action photographs taken by world-renowned photographer Lennart Nilsson are projected.

*The white star-like objects around it are not composite but real.

Lennart Nilsson, a prominent scientific photographer

with an unparalleled career as a photojournalist in Sweden.

He has reached his own unique realm as an educator with a camera,

referred to as the "Renaissance man of the 20th century" and

compared to the universal genius Leonardo da Vinci.

Lennart Nilsson holds honorary doctorates in medicine and philosophy,

and has been awarded the title of professor and a gold medal

from the government, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences,

and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

He became the first recipient of the Hasselblad International

Photography Prize in 1980, received the title of "Master of Photography,"

and has won awards from the World Press Photo and the Emmy Awards

for television's Academy Awards for his film works three times.


©Lennart Nilsson

Live-action footage of a fetus shot in the 1960s


We are made of starstuff. 

The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars.

We are made of starstuff.”


An American astronomer Carl Sagan left this famous quote.  


 Have you ever thought that you are made of starstuff?

If we are the stars, the universe is our mother.

This planetarium program showcases the connections between the universe and ourselves focusing on both macro and micro. 

For children and their parents to learn about the miracle of being born into and as a part of the universe and how precious and

amazing our own lives are.




Recall the miracle of your birth

It is a problem the society is facing there are children

without dreams

Children have low self-esteem is on increase.

The purpose of this program is to really believe in themselves, acknowledge that we are all born to be loved and our whole existence begins with complete acceptance. 

We are determined to deliver this program to all

who need this important message. 

Our mission is to creates an opportunity

 to experience the greatness of life 

at the planetarium all over the world for world peace.


We are looking for friends to cooperate 

with in order to realize the mission.