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Art-based Education Program for
Educators and Professionals

LIFE Education®︎

Over 70% of children experience an increase in self-esteem after watching LIFE. Formalizing the program can further enhance creativity, self-esteem and resilience.

LIFE®︎Inochi×Yoshomei Aso-Kogen Museum
Efforts towards the Environment



LIFE®︎Inochi×Yoshomei Aso-Kogen Museum
Efforts towards the Environment




LIFE®︎Inochi and Kochi University's "KISEKI Exhibition"

Program implementation: Kazuhiro Yoshioka / Professor, Faculty of Regional Collaboration Education, Kochi University


On the way to the Expo with the theme of "life",

Through ART, we look at "life" and nurture a sense of self-affirmation, which is the fundamental strength to live.

At the same time, ART contributes to the local community through its dissemination and promotes community love.


Kyushu University's SDGs Design Unit has established "Earth MIRAI, a school for learning important things" led by Professor Shigeki Inoue. It is a school that implements a creative education program that utilizes the power of art and design. We incorporate LIFE Education® into our curriculum.


Focus on lessons, courses, and events
STEAM Art Program
"Let's make our own star"
LIFE×Kobe University
A joint development program with Associate Professor Tsunehiro Kaname of the Kobe University Graduate School of International Human Development.



厚生労働省 全国健康推進「最優秀校」に選ばれました

How to use one's life is a matter of thinking about "how to live".
Having this perspective from childhood can change the way you see the world,
the choices you make, and the way you live.

In order to make each person's life shine,
it is important to value your own sensitivity and
create your own compass through various experiences.

Taking care of your way of life means taking care of your own axis.
At the same time, it also leads to a way of life that respects others.

In order to realize such a world,
we give you time to reflect on your own life through LIFE Education®. ​


Look back at yourself, raise your self-affirmation, and create a “self-axis” to survive in the future.

Our goal is to fill the world with joy, filled with individuality and creativity that overflows from within.

Part of a school excursion/school excursion program

Corporate training for working adults, etc. 


As part of school programs and educational trips, and for adult audiences, including corporate training, LIFE Education® can be integrated.

To go your own way
Start by getting to know yourself. 

 < 1st step > 「LIFE Inochi」viewing 【flat version 25 min.】

the purpose:
Experience the wonders of your life and boost your self-esteem.

As diversity continues to grow, so that people can live happily. It is important to take care of yourself and your personal values.

However, in the field of education in Japan, There are many ways to learn to understand others (empathy) through morality, etc. There are very few opportunities to learn about self-understanding and self-dialogue.
As a result, Many people move forward without knowing what they really want to do what they like and dislike

Or how do you want to live?
When finding a job or making decisions about your life,
Because we didn't "face" on a regular basis
They don't know what to think about it. As a result, we often proceed based on vague senses and intuition. 

Kobe City University of Presbyopia Graduation Ceremony Special Performance
(Taken at Kobe Bunka Hall)
The event attracted 3600 visitors. 
<2nd Step> Self-Reflection Program
Visuals, Music, Poetry, and Art Program
To become aware of new "perspectives"
the purpose: "Why was I born?" "How should I live?"
Discover the meaning of your life and understand the
importance of self-dialogue. 

How can we listen to the honest voice of our hearts?

It leads to self-acceptance, that is, to value yourself,

And it leads to understanding and accepting others, which means empathy for others.

The accumulation of these daily efforts

It will shape the values ​​of our things and the way we live in the future.

“Why were humans born?” “What should be valued and how should we live?”

The answers to these questions are within us.

In order to live like yourself,

In order to know oneself, it is important to first understand the importance of “self-dialogue”. Moreover, participating in self-dialogue means accepting every part of yourself.

By releasing and healing the emotions held in the heart,

It teaches the importance of accepting yourself as you are. 

<3rd Steps> Self-Dialogue and Mindfulness
Create a sense of identity and personal integrity 

It is important not to judge things as "right" or "wrong".
More importantly, stay true to yourself.

By continually expressing your inner thoughts and feelings, you can more clearly discover your own path in life.

You can participate in activities such as sharing your thoughts and writing them down. 


The Self Link Program is a program aimed at forming self-centeredness and "connecting with yourself."

Rather than being influenced by information, the environment, or past emotions, this program cultivates the powers of imagination, creativity, the power to live as oneself, the power to have fun, etc., which are necessary for the future. The ability to “feel” by accepting one’s own sensibilities and values.

Outcomes include:

  • Educational lectures for the Iryo Teachers' Union (targeting 800 teachers from kindergartens, elementary schools, and junior high schools in the Iryo district)

  • Tokko Junior High School Regional Conservation and Development Association General Assembly

  • Himeji City Teachers' Union

  • Kobe Private Kindergarten Federation PTA General Assembly

  • Hyogo Tatsuno City Childcare Association General Assembly

  • Hyogo Tatsuno City Child-rearing Support Center Training Session

  • Iida City Childcare Association

  • Nada Ward Health and Welfare Department Child and Family Support Division

  • Himeji Shirasagi Elementary and Junior High School, Tatsuno Nishi Junior High School

  • Minoruoka Elementary School (Unit: Connection between Space and Life)

  • Tokyo Mirai University

  • Fukuoka Jogakuin University


The Mother Link Program (Mother Link) is a program aimed at conveying the importance of the emotional connection between mothers and children.

Target group:
Parents with children from mother to 6 years old.

Outcomes include:  

  • Mitsuba Nursery School Parent Association

  • Iida City Childcare Association in Nagano Prefecture

  • Asahi Children's Garden

  • Maaya Nursery School

  • Junsei Welfare Association Harumachi Nursery School (Social Welfare Corporation)

  • Ibukidai Junior High School (as a culmination of sex education)

  • Parenting exchange meetings organized by the Nadakko Community Circle, Nada Ward Health and Welfare Department Child and Family Support Division.


The Earth Link Program is a program that allows participants to experience a true connection with the universe and the earth, and connect with life that exists here and now.

Outcomes include:  

  • Yayoi no Mori Starry Sky Theater [Shingu Miyauchi Archaeological Site, organized by the Tatsuno City Board of Education]

  • Ayabe Musubi × LIFE [Ayabe, Kyoto, organized by the LIFE Executive Committee, supported by Ayabe Citizen Newspaper Company and FM Ayabe]

  • Ashibune Festival [Hyogo Prefecture, Kinosaki, organized by the Ashibune Festival Executive Committee]

In the Tokyo Mirai University curriculum, more than 70% of the students felt an improvement in their self-esteem.
Tokyo Mirai University × "LIFE®︎ Inochi" × Galaxcity

Tokyo Mirai University collaborated with LIFE®︎ Inochi and Galaxy City to integrate the program into the Department of Child Psychology (childcare education major, child psychology major). About 320 students visited the Galactic City Planetarium in Adachi Ward, Tokyo, and watched "LIFE Life" as part of the class.

After watching the program, we conducted a questionnaire to investigate changes in the state of mind. Seventy percent of child psychology students said they experienced a significant or slight change in their feelings. The program was followed by a lecture on LIFE education. Many students said that although they had taken many specialized lectures at university, they had never heard such a story and wished they had heard about it earlier. Several students said they were inspired and encouraged by the lectures. 

Published in the Asahi Shinbun Newspaper.

Experience the mysteries of the universe and life at the planetarium
At planetariums in Tokyo and elsewhere, we are showing video works that allow you to experience the birth of the universe and the subsequent evolution of mankind through video and sound.
The artist's wish in the work is that people should feel the splendor of being born in the vast universe.
The 25-minute work titled "LIFE Life-Reviving Birth Experience" was produced by Kobe-based singer-songwriter Masahiko Hashimoto (39) and his wife Sayaka (39).
Four years ago, Mr. Hashimoto sat his 1-year-old daughter on her lap at the planetarium, felt her body temperature, and looked at the scenery of space. "The vastness of the universe." From that moment on, I came up with the idea that I wanted to create a work that would make people feel the connection between the universe and life, in a space reminiscent of a mother's womb. It took three years to complete the work. A video of the birth of the universe by the big bang and the subsequent birth and disappearance of countless stars. The images then shift to pictures of sperm and egg fertilization, showing cell division, finger and toe development, and fetal growth.
Hashimoto has written songs and poems that focus on his family, but this is his first attempt at a video work. He wrote, directed, composed and narrated the film all by himself. It was a great achievement that a foreign photographer was able to obtain permission to use a photograph taken inside the womb using a special endoscopic camera. He explains, "Because it's not CG, but a real photo, it resonates with me." I want you to accept yourself as you are and realize the mystery of sexuality.
A preview event was held in 2017 to announce the completion of the film, and from the following year it has been screened in various places such as Hyogo and Nagano. Yuko Kotani, an associate professor at Tokyo Future University, watched the film with 320 students of the Department of Child Psychology. She describes her goal as follows. “I realized that the students lacked knowledge about sexuality and their low self-esteem. 

After watching the movie, about 70% of the students responded to a questionnaire that their feelings were greater or slightly changed. Many people expressed their impressions with words such as "life is wonderful" and "precious". Common feelings included wanting to meet and thank their parents, feeling like they had experienced a miracle, and being proud of themselves.

The film will be screened at the Galaxy City Planetarium in Adachi Ward, Tokyo until the 31st. A flat version was also produced in response to requests for screening at other venues. For inquiries, please email (So ​​Ueno) 


​LIFE education®︎ を体験された


A story to remember forever

— Elementary School Student

Once again,
I understand the meaning of life.
it's the most important day in a person's life.

— Elementary School Student


Witnessing the flow from the birth of the universe to the moment of birth, I felt the importance of what we have now. It gave me the courage to move forward.

— Elementary School Student

In the daily journey of raising children
(Like a withered rice field filled with water)
Humidity rises in the tingling and dry heart,
And I am once again reminded of the important and important existence of my child. 

— Parents


While watching the visuals with my two children,
I was truly moved when I held them close.
In that warmth, it reminded me of the feelings
towards my children that I had forgotten.

— Parents

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